Every month we will giving one of our clients the opportunity to share their opinion and favorite things to do whilst on Holiday in Portugal.


First up, Kevin and Toni Ennis, owners of Portugal Holiday Destinations and have lived on the Silver Coast for 25 years!




What sort of Property do you own in Portugal? A 3 bedroom Villa with heated private pool

How long have you owned the property? The property was bought in 1988 and we finished the renovation in 1989.

What characteristics of your property make it perfect for renting and set it apart from the rest? The villa is located in a quiet village which is ideal for those who want a more private and relaxing holiday. The pool is gated so is perfectly safe for families with young children and toddlers.


Why did you buy property in Portugal? A friend of ours had worked in the Silver Coast area and loved it, and said he was going to move his family out there and that we simply had to visit. So we did, fell in love with Portugal, purchased the perfect property and started renovating it.

Did you rent property before buying in Portugal? We came out briefly before purchasing but fell in love with the place so quickly that we only needed a couple of visits before we were convinced that this is where we wanted to live. We had rented a villa on the Algrave some years previously but weren't as impressed.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Silver Coast area? Currently probably Boca do Mar at São Martinho do Porto but there are so many to chose from. Vintage at Foz do Arelho and Sabores d'Italia in Caldas da Rainha are excellent and the Cabana do Pescador at Foz does fantastic fresh fish.

And favorite bars? Probably the 7a Vaga at Foz do Arelho, the Cais da Praia is also great as it's right on the beach and perfect for the kids to play on the sand whilst we can keep an eye on them from the terrace.

Any tip you would give a first time holiday maker in Portugal? Probably to give the language a try, the Portuguese are very welcoming to tourists but are especially pleased when someone attempts to speak the language, even if it is just a simple yes, please and thank you (Sim, Se Faz Favor e Obrigado)!


The Portugal Holday Destinations team have been offering Luxury Villas for Holiday Rental on Portugal's Silver Coast for over 10 years. They were proud to be chosen as UEFA's official Villa Rental partner for the Euro 2004 championships and also to provide accomodation for the BBC during the same tournament. Kevin, Toni and Richard have lived in the country for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience to share with potential investors, tourists or expats. If you feel we can be of any help please leave a comment or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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